Through its information technology and digital investments subdivision, WG created the first digital asset integrated with the virtual and real assets of a private company focused on the ocean food and technology sector. To help clarify some doubts about our asset, below is some information. Questions and Answers about our Digital Asset What makes MDtoken different from other digital assets? O MDtoken is registered and integrated to the WG through the declarations before the regulatory bodies in Brazil as IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), being fully managed by our company and functioning similarly to small shares of our share capital which are available to any investor in front of digital currency exchange houses. How does MDToken work? MDtoken works as shares of our company, in this way, when you buy any amount of MDtoken in authorized and registered exchange houses, you invest directly in the company and its products so that they generate returns on the market and are passed on to all our investors through the repurchase of our shares. Can I store or sell my MDTokens outside of Exchanges (Casa de Câmbio)? Yup. After acquiring the MDtoken Exchange Houses, you can withdraw the asset to the mobile wallet where it is possible to control your assets without the interference of any other organization, being possible to store and sell the asset directly on your cell phone. Is MDtoken registered with Coinmarketcap? Yup. MDtoken is registered on the largest digital currency index in the world, being fully monitored in relation to its market value and the average annual return on investment to all our investors. In addition to the MDtoken is registered in, which is one of the largest indexes of digital currencies in the world. Can I buy or sell MDtoken with Reais? Yup. MDtoken is available on exchanges in Brazil which have the direct pair with the Real, generating the possibility of buying and selling with the Brazilian currency. Can I buy or sell MDtoken with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT and etc? Yup. We are registered with national and international exchanges that allow the direct exchange of the MDtoken asset for various digital currencies. Can I purchase products or services with MDtoken? Yup. All products which are marketed by the WG company and all its commercial partners can be purchased with MDtoken, and it is possible to verify the partner companies on the official website of the digital asset. For more details and information about our digital asset, visit: